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Ministry Spotlight Interview with Aaron Ferris

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Your Love

Your Love has always been one we can never quite explain. A thought bubbles within us, and when we think we have captured it in words we put pen to paper; but the ink always fails to do Your love... Continue Reading →

Hannah’s Prayer

God’s word for me this year was GIVE. More specifically to give to Him, give myself and all that I have. Halfway through the year I forgot about this word, wedding preparation took over and I was constantly in planning mode.... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on paper…

For the first time in my life I do not consider myself a writer. I do not have an inner knowing this is God's purpose for my life, nor do I have a plan or a desire to make this more... Continue Reading →

The Book of Luke: A Man With Palsy

In preparation for street ministry I am drawn to the book of Luke and have been slowly reading through it these past few weeks. When I am not distracted but focused on His word I receive great joy and understanding... Continue Reading →


EZEKIEL CHAPTER 1 Ezekiel begins this book by telling us he is in exile in Babylon with many others from the Jewish kingdom of Judah. Step back several hundred years and we see the unravelling events of what caused Judah,... Continue Reading →


I am currently in a period of unsettlement and my instinct is to crawl away and hide. Hide in the shadow of my feelings. Hide from the uncertainty of several outcomes. Hide from the overwhelming waves that periodically rock my... Continue Reading →

Compromising Your Faith by

I believe many can relate to this.

Pearl Sisters


The decision to walk in uncompromising faith is a daily battle we have to face. The temptations of this world seem endless. It feels so good and yet it is so wrong in God’s eyes- the struggles of the flesh. The inability to choose between God and man- the battle of the mind. Walking the narrow road alone or strolling on the broad road with a friend- which way to choose? A temporary fulfillment on earth or eternal glory in heaven- patience. Willing to remain unpopular and gain everlasting recognition- long suffering. Is it worth letting you desires die to please your creator? – obedience.

I recently found myself in a compromising situation and had to choose between man and God. The pressures of this world and my emotions got the best of me. Acting upon this, I considered compromising my faith for a temporary…

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Jesus. Love. Growth.

For the past nine weeks I have been living in the USA, the countryside of Wisconsin to be exact. Gorgeous wooded landscapes, acres of farmland, snow-capped hills and wood houses of various colours and sizes (wood houses are not common... Continue Reading →

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