The women are praying.

Words they utter never quite capture the tenderness within their hearts,

Or the overwhelming awe from being in His Presence.


He is everything He said He is;

And therein lays the surprise.

For in the crevices of heart chambers and the folds of brain matter,

Lay clusters of doubt and traces of distrust.


Unbelief had attached itself to the ends of loudly proclaimed praises,

Had knitted itself among the multitude of whispers,

So finely tuned, it had become part of their melody.


With inaudible language, known and aided by His Holy Spirit alone,

The women search the wonders of His deep.

In this moment, He destroys doubt and disarms distrust.

Unbelief is forgiven and along comes His unwavering grace.


Hope weaves a fine, gold thread through split hearts

And dreams are retrieved from the attic of the mind.

Behold, the Lord is at hand.

*photo credit