Your Love has always been one we can never quite explain.

A thought bubbles within us, and when we think we have captured it in words we put pen to paper; but the ink always fails to do Your love justice.

You breathed the beginning of our race into existence, poured Your Spirit into a body You formed from the ground and provided then as You provide now. Having created us with intention, with purpose and Your full attention, You fully know our need: past, present and future.

You alone could explain to us the essence of who You are in one sentence. Instead, You choose to take us on a life-long journey involving all five of our senses. A journey that comes equipped with its own map to navigate us through the hills and valleys, to withstand the pouring rain and provide shelter from the scorching sun.

In this way, God is love becomes a reality and Your joy as our strength rings true. Your peace beyond all understanding is sought after when long-suffering seems unbearable and Your (loving) kindness is felt most when we are reminded of Your goodness. The examples of Your self-control are our benchmark and the gentleness with which You convict keeps us from straying further from the narrow path You have set before us.

Rather than simply write about You in Ariel font size 12, refine You in polished words and perfect grammar, showcase You in beautiful hardback fit for the coffee table, we get to experience You. Bringing Kingdom purpose to earth amidst the serving, praising, worshipping and loving of You.

Your Love has always been one we can never quite explain.

‘But God shows His love for us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.’-Romans 5:8