Trusting that the persecution of His children around the world will not be in vain. Trusting that He will be glorified in spite of the attempts to drown, stamp, burn and destroy the truth of who He is.

Trusting in Him to supply His peace beyond all understanding, in endless abundance, for those who stand in the face of opposition; who stand in meekness, in humility and in Christ.

Trusting in Him to place words of love and truth in the mouths of those who have the authority to call themselves “sons of God”, so that the love Christ has for the rest of the world, the love that He so willingly displayed for us upon that cross, can soften the heart-walls of those who have turned their heads, closed their ears and shut their eyes.

Trusting in Him to minister to those left behind (family and friends of the persecuted). The hope revealed in His word surrounding them like a comfort blanket: present and reassuring.

Trusting in Him to return to us; proving the world wrong and Himself right.