“God doesn’t do the obvious, He does the incredible.” (Ruth)

Amen and amen to the words from my bestie to me!

Trusting in Him requires faith for the big and small. It requires stepping out of the boat (comfort zone, being in control etc), walking on that water and believing in things that are hoped for but are not yet seen.

Trusting in the great I AM takes pushing past everything that we see, hear and know with our natural eyes; putting to death all our fears and disregarding our reliance on the wisdom of man. We should be seeking Godly wisdom from His Word, from Godly women and men and within our own relationship and biblical understanding of who He is.

There will be skeptics and naysayers, a multitude of people with their own personal opinions, but when the Lord has placed something on your heart – truly placed something on your heart – then be like Joshua and Caleb among the multitudes rather than the ten other disbelieving Israelites who chose not to trust in His promise, in His provision and in His goodness.