Trusting in Him for forgiveness when I sin in my anger. When I open my mouth and instead of releasing a ministry of encouragement and edification, I pierce the deep and vulnerable places of my loved ones.

Trusting in Him to tell me the truth when I believe the lies of the enemy, the Father of lies [John 8:44], who tells me that I cannot change: that change is impossible for someone like me, that my old (wo)man is set in stone and I am not free.

Trusting in Him to remind me when I forget that the enemy came to ‘steal, kill and destroy’ [John 10:10] and that He came to give me life more abundantly.  [John 10:10].

Trusting in Him to cover me when I lay myself bare on the page; when my vulnerabilities etch each word that I type.

Trusting in Him when the judgment from others come; knowing I am shielded by His grace.