Trusting in God is not a one time thing. It is not like a marriage vow where I say “I do” and that’s it, trust forever and ever amen.

It is a daily occurrence, sometimes hourly. I have even had my minute to minute. The trust list growing or staying stagnant because I have not fully trusted in Him. I have not really given the issue over into His loving and capable hands.

I am realising, this year in particular, that trust is not a feeling. It is not some emotional pulling at my heartstrings and it should not depend on my mood (positive or negative). It requires action on my part – God is not the only one who has to “move”.

First believing (verb) that He is fully aware of all things [Psalm 33:13-15, Psalm 139] and in complete control; then I move. Abraham did it [Genesis 12:1-4], Joshua did it [Joshua Chapter 1] and Mary did it [Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke].

Trusting in Him is faith in action. I have to remember this through my current life-changing decisions, through my confusion and through my inability to predict my future. Trusting in Him is faith in action.