I have decided to do this: http://write31days.com/

My theme is ‘Trusting in Him’. Today is Day 1.

31 days of trusting in Him. 744 hours, 44640 minutes and many, many more seconds.

The clock has already begun ticking because I’m trusting in Him right now to be able to help me through these 31 days. To show up every day, for 31 days. To put pen to paper every day, for 31 days. I call myself a writer, but this is something I have never done before.

Not only am I trusting in Him for my writing, but for every aspect of my life. He knows me like I know myself; in fact He knows me even better, so He knows what this means. With everything that is going on in my life, a lot of unconfirmed desires and plans, trusting in Him seems to be the only sane and stable thing to do.

So here I am: eyes closed, arms and legs extended, fully trusting in Him.