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~Jesus is the Shepherd of my soul~

One Year On…

August marked one year since “the big move”, leaving my home country to be with my husband.  Having a little time to reflect I feel as if I have lived 5 years in 12 months: moving to a new country... Continue Reading →


Sadness tinged with joy…

Today I found out a friend of mine passed away a couple of days ago. She was 31 years old. We had a falling out and did not speak for 4 years. Last year God consistently put her on my... Continue Reading →

Love + Sacrifice

Motherhood. I believe this word has instilled more fear in me than any other word, even more than death. That is somewhat disturbing to read, but it is true. The responsibility of this role weighed heavy on me and chained... Continue Reading →

I Stand Amazed

Your timing is all I have, I must learn to trust it. Your timing has never failed me, So I must embrace it.   I will forever be grateful for the path You have chosen for me. A path deliberately... Continue Reading →

The (Re-)Learning

When you think you have “arrived”, God will always show you the truth. There was a time when I was terrified to pray in front of others. As a new believer, my prayers were awkward and unsure of who God... Continue Reading →

The New

Less than a month ago I moved from the UK to the USA to be with my husband of almost one year (yeah us!) Not enough time to do much of anything. Except just be. Be with my husband, be... Continue Reading →

Heart Prayer

The women are praying. Words they utter never quite capture the tenderness within their hearts, Or the overwhelming awe from being in His Presence.   He is everything He said He is; And therein lays the surprise. For in the... Continue Reading →

One Word 365

My word: Try My scripture: 'For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision nor uncircumcision has any value. The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love.' -Galatians 5:6

Rippled Air

In the difficult moments of life we trudge through. Boots heavy, laces strapped and doubled. The muscles in our legs out-strained by the muscles in our jaw; Their tautness revealing far more than we would care to vocalise. * The... Continue Reading →

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